The Best Ab Workout is a Complete Health and Fitness Plan

The best ab workout consists of way more than just abdominal exercises. You cannot get ripped abs or a flat stomach just by doing a bunch of crunches. You must have an entire health and fitness program or lifestyle to get the most out of your ab workout.If you want the best ab workout possible, you need to have the right mindset. You must know what your outcome is and this will be different for each person. Some people want a flat stomach so they look good in a bikini. Some people want to have ripped abs so they can show off a bulging six pack. Other people just want to strengthen their core so they can feel better and eliminate pain.
Now that you have your goal in mind, you need to customize your abdominal workout. If you are trying to get a flat stomach or want to strengthen your mid section for every day activities, you probably want to do a lot of repetitions to build toned muscles with high endurance. If you want to have bulging abdominal muscles to create the coveted six pack, you need to do abdominal exercises that are more challenging. Ideally you want to do exercises that are so challenging that you can only to 10 to 15 repetitions before you can’t do any more. This will make your stomach muscles grow bigger.
The second part of your complete health and fitness plan is to eat healthy. This is especially important if you want to have six pack abs or a flat stomach for the beach. If you keep eating a bunch of junk, you won’t be able to lose the fat that is covering up your stomach muscles. Just remember that vegetables and water are good while fried foods and Coke are bad.
The last piece of the puzzle is optional, but can help you build a stronger body and lose body fat. I am talking about nutritional supplements. There are tons of all natural weight loss supplements that can help you burn fat faster, increase your energy levels so you feel better and want to exercise more, or control your appetite so you eat less. Again, these are optional, but with tons of free trials available, you can try them out without spending a lot of money and decide if they are right for you.When you put all the pieces together, you will find the best ab workout is really a lifestyle and not just a workout. If you commit to changing the way you live and think, I am confident you will be happy with the results.

Health and Fitness Help

Life can be very hectic and stressful at times, and most of us don’t really keep in mind how important it is to take care of ourselves. Great health and fitness is very crucial. The healthier and stronger we are, both physically and mentally, the easier we’ll be able to handle some of life’s challenges. And let’s not forget about all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.First of all, start eating healthy. Eating poorly will effect the way you look, it will effect your mood, the way you physically feel, your mental health and even things like your skin and hair. All in a negative way. The best way to go, is to start to Eat Clean. This way you’ll be giving your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly. And I promise, it won’t take long until you start to feel so much better.Second, get up and exercise. Our bodies are made to be in activity. If we don’t exercise chances are that we will gain weight, which can lead to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and our muscles and bones will get weaker. If that wasn’t enough, not exercising will lead to lack of endurance and energy, making ordinary daily chores difficult. Exercise is good for us because it strengthens our heart, lungs, muscles, bones and joints. It releases endorphins which make us feel good, and decreases our chance to get diseases. Without exercise our bodies will deteriorate.Tips to help you live a healthy life:- Cut out processed foods
– Cut out saturated fats, refined sugar and salt
– Replace simple carbs like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta, with healthy whole wheat products
– Replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes
– Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables
– Eat more fish and lean meats
– Eat more unsalted nuts and seeds for the healthy fats
– Drink lots of water
– Get enough sleep every night
– Drink less alcohol
– Drink less coffee and other caffeine filled drinks
– Stop smoking
– Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week, some cardio and some strength training
– Try to meditate, or do yoga to relieve stress
– Be kind to others
– Avoid negative people
– Find a little time for “Me time” every single day. Do something that makes you feel good

Science Education and Art Education: The Perfect Pair

After years of touting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) educational programs, many teachers are discovering that by adding an “A” –for ART– student learning will pick up STEAM! This latest understanding of how students learn is changing science education by adding Art education back into the mix. This integrated education approach is developing a proven track record and being incorporated into public, private and homeschool education.At its inception, the STEM bill authorized over 150 million to help students earn a bachelor’s degrees and teaching credentials. It also provided millions in additional money to help align kindergarten through grade 12 math and science curricula to better prepare students for college.Now years later, people are asking questions like: Why are math and science viewed as standalone modalities? Why have so many schools dropped Arts education from their curriculum?For too long, we have wrongly believed that Science and Art education were separate disciplines that demanded different teaching methods. However, now we know that Science and Art, as well as Math and Music are intrinsically related!Educational researchers are recognizing that it is important to integrate all modalities into STEM lessons. By broadly using an integrated education curriculum, students are able to see how science education is important to aspects of everyday life. Integrated education also affords the opportunity for real-world application of the math and science education knowledge.The use of Art as the glue that bonds these modalities shows students how form and function are guiding principles. Art is not merely illustrative or decorative, but represents an essential part of the process of inquiry, such as problem finding, problem solving, and communication.The fervor that propels people to excel at mathematics and science education or engineering and art education are driven by the same desire: the desire to discover the intricacies and beauty in one’s world and chosen work. Furthermore, Art is also integrated into technologies such as engineering in the “form and function” debate. Does form follow function or does function follow form? Either way the two are fundamentally linked. Cars are a perfect example: From the Model-T Ford to the latest concept car, we have seen that the evolution of technology is as much about aesthetics (form) of the product as it is about functionality.Many of the fundamental concepts of form and function are the same. Line, shape, color, structure/function relationships as well as perspective, patterning, and sequencing are the language of art and science education. Students create “an artistic representation of their ideas and solutions is a valuable way to make learning personal. This allows for a clear understanding of the underpinnings of science principles and how these principles can be extrapolated to solve existing problems. It has been proven that students who previously had difficulty in STEM classes are picking up STEAM quickly!